Advanced Aspects of Digital Farming


MA, 2L+1E, WS (EN)


Contents of the lecture

Students will understand the significance of Digital Farming for agriculture in particular and for a sustainable society in general, as well as the role of information technology in this regard. In contrast to the Foundations of Digital Farming lecture, which provides a broad overview on Digital Farming technologies, this course provides a deep dive into one specific focus area of Digital Farming. Several focus areas are planned, which may rotate each year. Please check the semester overview to see which focus area is selected in the current semester.

Focus areas:

  • Highly-automated and autonomous systems in Digital Farming
  • Farm-Management Information Systems
  • IT-systems for livestock farming
  • IT-systems for sustainable production in farming

Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  • analyze important parameters of the focus area,
  • describe concrete application scenarios of the focus area,
  • describe the potentials and challenges associated with the focus area,
  • describe and relate the focus area to other technologies of Digital Farming,
  • relate the focus area to its business and social context

This lecture covers the following content:

  • Motivation for the selected focus area
  • Related legal and business constraints that frame the usage of the focus area
  • Common SW architectures to enable the focus area, e.g., architectures to enable automation and autonomous behavior
  • Analysis of the focus area w.r.t. quality aspects such as acceptance, safety, and security
  • Related technologies in Digital Farming
  • Fields of application for the focus area according to the agricultural process (e.g., crop production, soil cultivation, sowing, fertilization, crop protection, or harvesting)
  • Cross-cutting topics and further in-depth topics: Role of upstream and downstream sectors on the focus area




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dörr
Room 32-421
Contact: Please contact the secretariat Caroline Frey


Dipl.-Inform. Felix Möhrle
M.Sc. Marc Favier

Organization and announcements

The lecture and the exercise are organized via the OpenOLAT system. We also post announcements there. A link to the OLAT course as well as all semester-related information can be found by clicking on the respective semester in the semester overview.