Digital Farming Project




Contents of the project


The Digital Farming project activities revolve around the FarmBot in our Digital Farming Lab. The FarmBot is a customizable robot mounted on a raised bed that automates various tasks in growing crops. It is controlled by a web app, a Raspberry Pi and a Farmduino (special Arduino), among other things.


During the project, we will cover the entire cycle of plant cultivation and the entire software development cycle. After becoming familiar with the FarmBot, its hardware and software components and interfaces, we will use it to grow plants in our Digital Farming Lab. Tasks include partially assembling the FarmBot, putting it into operation and programming it so that it can perform the required functions.

Collaboration with Agrosup Dijon

Cooperation is planned with the French university Agrosup in Dijon, where there are also two FarmBots. If the situation allows, we will organize an exchange where students from each university can visit the other university for a few days.


Organization and Announcements

The project is organized via the OpenOLAT system. We also post announcements there. You can find a link to the OLAT course as well as all semester-related information in the semester overview.