The chair will be represented with 2 papers at the 44th annual conference of the GIL from February 27-28, 2024

GIL Annual Conference 2024 The 44th Annual Conference of the GIL will take place from February 27-28, 2024.

This year's host, alongside the GIL, is the University of Hohenheim.

This year's main topic of the conference is: Promoting biodiversity through digital agriculture: What contribution do AI and Co?

The Chair will be represented with two papers:

Paper 1: Mengisti Berihu Girmay, Samuel Obeng, and Felix Möhrle. Explainable AI: Leaf-based medicinal plant classification using knowledge distillation.44. GIL-Jahrestagung, Biodiversität fördern durch digitale Landwirtschaft: Welchen Beitrag leisten KI und Co?, 2024

Paper 2: Mengisti Berihu Girmay, Felix Möhrle, and Jens Henningsen. Introducing Explainability to Dairy Farming - A Small Case Study. 44. GIL- Jahrestagung, Biodiversität fördern durch digitale Landwirtschaft: Welchen Beitrag leisten KI und Co?, 2024