SS 2019

Contents of the lecture

The lecture provides basic knowledge in the area of modeling software development processes. The major goals are to learn about important aspects of real-life software development processes and related international standards, to get basic insights into modeling custom-tailored software development processes, and to learn about advantages and disadvantages of existing process modeling notations and tools. Moreover, basic project planning and control techniques based upon explicitly defined process models are taught.

The course is structured as follows:

  • Introduction (Basic Terminology, Engineering Processes, Life Cycle Models)
  • Agile Software Processes (Principles, Scrum, Extreme Programming)
  • Rich Software Processes (Principles, Rational Unified Process, V-Modell XT)
  • Process Modeling Languages (Process Meta-Models, SPEM, Essence)
  • Software Process Improvement (Descriptive Process Modeling, CMMI / SPICE)
  • Project Planning & Control (Effort Estimation, Scheduling and Resource Planning, Project Management)
  • The course will be accompanied by live tool and technology demonstrations as well as practical exercises.



Dr. Jens Heidrich

Regular dates


  • Lecture (KIS)
    • Mo, 13:45 - 15:15, room 46-280
    • The first lecture date is Mo, 25.04.2019.

Organization and Announcements


  • The lecture is organized via OpenOLAT (Link).